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Youngevity is the Brand Name for Dr. Wallach's incredible line of science-based, high quality nutritional products.

The Healthy Body Start Pak is at the very center of Youngevity’s commitment to improving lives. It is the minimum nutritional supplement combination to ensure you are getting what Dr. Wallach refers to as "the mighty 90" vitamins and minerals that the human body needs daily.

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Jusuru was launched out of the science behind Liquid BioCell, a new generation of nutraceuticls for healthy aging, active joints and younger looking skin. Backed by 37 Clinical studies, 7 US and International Patents and numerous industry awards.

Jusuru has been making its mark in the multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry.

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Below are some of the most amazing, state of the art Health & Wellness Companies and Products available today. They are all being sold through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platforms; and Aquaponics USA is a Distributor for the companies listed below. We've never really been fans of MLM programs; but we get it that if a company wants to create a grassroots movement, then MLM is the way to go. The companies listed below are demonstrating how that works.

You may be wondering why we're marketing Health and Wellness Products on our Aquaponics USA website; but when you think about it, you'll understand that Aquaponics is all about Health and Wellness. Aquaponics is about growing food that is pesticide, petro-chemical and GMO Free. We believe it's the healthiest food you can eat; and once we got into Aquaponics, the whole world of health and wellness opened up. We discovered these incredible companies and their products and we started putting out our Aquaponics USA Food & Health News Daily Newspaper and writing Newsletters about our broken Food System, Obesity In America, The Food Revolution and much more. We've actually become Health and Food Activists.

Just Click on the Company you are interested in below and go to the page that describes it's products.You can order products through us or YOU can become a Distributor in your own right. MLM programs are all about close customer contact, support and hand-holding so don't hesitate to call us at 760-671-3053.

We are presently using individual products from all of these companies. We would not recommend companies with products that we haven't used ourselves. As you will see, these companies have extensive product lines so we're not using all of the products from all of the companies.

Each one of the Companies below not only represents an incredible product line; but they also respresent an incredible business opportunity. If you're looking for a home business, this could be the place to start your exploration. Look at each company represented here, find the one that stirs your passion and become a Distributor in our network. We can assist you through the process. Just give us a call at 760-671-3053 and let us know you're ready to sign up to be a Distributor.

By visiting these pages, we urge you to acknowledge the following: "The information contained within is provided to help individuals gain insight into the body's healing processes, not to replace the decisions you make with your medical professional. We believe people should be able to be the authors of their own health story. Please view these products with a critical eye." (Acknowledgment taken from the Critical Health News Acknowlegment Page).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nikken is the name of a Japanese company with a number of wonderful health and wellness products including Advanced Magnetics like the back brace seen here, Far-Infrared, Negative-ion, Kenko Sleep and Kenzen Nutrition products.

Nikken recognizes that wellness depends on recognizing and sustaining the 5 Pillars of Health including: Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. Click here to learn more about:

Pain Relief The Nikken Way

Isagenix is the brand name for Product B IsaGenesis, which is the latest version of Product B designed to support your telomeres for healthier, more youthful aging.

You can learn all about the importance of supporting your telomeres and the many other Isagenix Products that are available by clicking on this box.

The Isagenix Product Line includes products for Weight Loss, Energy, Performance and Healthy Aging.

You can radically transform your health and your body using these advanced nutritional products. Click here to learn more about:

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Telomere Support with Product B

Enagic is another Japanese company that is putting out water electrolysis machines that restructure water to create what they call Kangen Water®.

Kangen Water® is water that has higher alkalinity than normal water causing the body to also be more alkaline. Kangen Water® machines also change the molecular cluster size of water allowing you to drink more water. It produces water that is full of negative ions which wash away free radicals in the human body. Click here to learn more about:

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Alkalizing with Kangen Water®