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Pain Relief The Nikken Way


Nikken has been selling products since 1975 and operating in the U.S. for twenty years. In fact, one of the products in our rolling images, the Magsteps, was the first product marketed by the company's founder, Isamu Masuda. Nikken also offers state of the art Sleep, Water, Air and Light products along with Skin Care and Nutritional products. We are an Independent Nikken Distributer and this is an Independent Nikken Distributor's website.

As we explained in our introductory Health & Wellness page, we are only featuringing products that we've used ourselves; and we are only using the Nikken Kenko Therm products at this time; but you can order products through us from any of the above delineated areas.

We don't go anywhere without our mStrides, our Back Belts and our Neck Power Bands. This is body fortification like no other.  

Are YOU Ready to experience Body Support the Nikken way? Just call us at our Aquaponics USA phone number: 760-671-3053 or click on the following Link and go to Oliver's personal Nikken web page at

Here's to your comfort and your health.


Grace & Oliver