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Aquaponics Fluorescent Grow Lights


Take our word for it! We’ve Tested them and they work great as long as what you want to grow are leafy greens. That’s lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, herbs etc.

Now you can size your Fluorescent Fixtures to your Food Forever™ Growing System Grow Beds. We have three sizes of Grow Beds including 5 and 11 square feet of growing space. First choose your Grow Bed, then choose your lights; and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t have one of our systems yet and just want a good growing light? This is the light for you as long as all you want to grow is leafy greens. This light does not work well for flowering plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and melons.

Each light features integrated control switches that turns certain tubes off while others remain on. These self contained units allow for unprecedented lighting customization. They can hang vertically or horizontally, and come with 6,500-kelvin T5 tubes, hanging hardware, five-year warranty (one-year on tubes) and a built-in 120-volt outlet to link multiple systems together.

Below is the FF-8A 8 tube Fluorescent Fixture. The space-saving FF-8A T5 Fluorescent Fixture provides plants with high-intensity, low-heat light–the perfect conditions for massive, healthy plant growth and has eight 24 Watt, 6,500-kelvin T5 Grow tubes. It grows leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, herbs etc. Works for growing areas up to 2 x 2 feet square. The FF-8A measures 23 3/16" x 25 1/2” with a height of 2 1/4".

Here’s the FF-8A growing several kinds of lettuce in our Plug-In & Grow Complete Indoor Compact Aquaponics Growing System prototype. This fixture has 8 each 2 foot 6,500 kelvin tubes for a 2 x 2 foot growing area. The perfect light for growing leafy greens and herbs.

The light measures 23.15 by 25.75 inches.

Two of these 6 tube beauties sit perfectly over our popular square Grow Beds that offer 11 square feet of growing space. Two FF-6B’s will completely cover these size beds allowing you to grow leafy greens in every square inch of space. Each FF-6B comes with six 54 Watt 6,500-kelvin T5 Grow tubes for an 18 by 42 inch growing area.

The Food Forever Growing Systems that offer these size of beds are our best selling FFGS-20 & the FFGS-20-20, FFGS-40 and our FFGS-40-40. Each FF-6A measures 47" x 20” with a depth of 2 3/8".


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Turn the most popular Food Forever™ Growing System we sell, the FFGS-20 into an indoor system by adding Two FF-6B’s over each Grow Bed.

The FFGS-20 needs a total of four of these efficient Fluorescent Fixtures to become an Indoor Growing System for healthy, organic food. Add an additional Module-20 and now you have four grow beds requiring Eight FF-6B's.


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The FF-8B offers all of the advantages of the FF-8A except it’s twice as long, which the “B” designates. The space-saving FF-8B T5 Fluorescent Fixture provides plants with high-intensity, low-heat light--the perfect conditions for massive, healthy plant growth. This light features an exclusive wide dispersion reflector designed to cover a larger growing area than most fluorescent fixtures. These units come with a built-in 120-volt outlet to link multiple lights together and eight 54 Watt, 6,500-kelvin T5 Grow tubes to provide the spectrum plants need to produce plentiful vegetative growth for a 24 by 42 inch growing area. These fixtures include built-in ballast, hanging hardware, 11-foot power cord and an industry exclusive five-year warranty (one-year on tubes). The FF-8B measures 47" x 25 1/2" with a depth of 2 1/4".

Here’s some FF-8Bs growing lettuce in our enclosed Growroom. One reason we built this Growroom Lab was so we could experience what our customers experience who are growing food in challenging environments that deal with extreme weather and harsh winters like the Northern part of the U.S.

These are deep media Grow Beds that offer 15 or 22 sq. ft. of growing area and a 100 or 150 Gallon Fish Tank, respectively. This system can be placed against a wall or in a corner. The beds are deep, durable and strong.

Turn the new Food Forever™ Mini Systems, the FFGS-EZ15 and the FFGS-EZ22, into indoor systems by adding an FF-8B Fluorescent Fixture over each of the Grow Beds. A basement, garage or extra bedroom could make an excellent indoor growing room for these Mini Systems that can sit against a wall.

So, you can keep your other hobbies going in the same room. Play pool or sew while you watch your leafy greens and fish grow.

In terms of where to fit them into your space, these Mini Systems are the perfect solution.