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This handy little machine is a must for any aquaponics farmer who is looking for a high protein source of food for fish. Tilapia love what’s produced in this little mystery box that can sit right next to your Food Forever™ Growing System. However, this machine doesn’t make protein alone. It needs an insect, one that is fast becoming a Hero in the world of sustainability.

According to an article printed in the Mississippi Agricultural News entitled “High-protein insect studied at MSU”,  John Schneider, a professor of entomology, is quoted as having said that “Black soldier fly [larvae known as Grubbs] are 40 to 45 percent protein by dry weight. Theoretically, one metric ton can be produced per day in the space of a medium-sized house, and used as a feed product. Harvested larvae can be dried and milled to create a high-protein meal for livestock, poultry and aquaculture.”

Fortunately, you don’t need a machine the size of a house. All you need is a little BIOPOD that is 26 1/2 “ long x 15 1/2” wide x 16” tall. It’s also great for households that want to step out of the environmental nightmare involved in disposing of food waste. The BIOPOD™ Plus can digest a maximum of 5 lbs (2.2 kg) per day of your food scraps (including meat) from 4-6 adults. It’s able to Bio-convert 15-20% of those digested wastes into BioGrubs with 5% bioconversion of scraps into dark, friable castings. It also helps reduce your carbon footprint associated with food decay (and landfill methane production) by diversion and recycling.

It was designed especially for Grubs, which are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. Grubs are one of the best composting Detritivores on the planet. A Detritivore is an organism that gets its nutrients by consuming detritus, which is de-composting plant and animal parts as well as organic fecal matter. In other words, detritivores like Grubs, eat garbage and poo; and they are nature’s way of cleaning house.

Meet our Hero, the Black Soldier Fly. These flies are not anything like your common house flies. They are not pests and do not bite or even come into the house or carry diseases of any kind. They are long and narrow in body shape rather than short and wide. They don’t even have mouths and spend all of their adult lives looking to procreate so they can produce their offspring, the Grubs. The Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Grubs, on the other hand do nothing but eat. They eat everything in sight. It seems this strange insect has split its behaviors into two separate life cycles. The adults just procreate; and the larvae just eat making the larvae eating machines, so to speak, which brings us back to the trusty little BIOPOD™ that was meticulously designed to take advantage of that voracious compulsion.

This machine full of Grubs will divert and digest all food scraps from smelly garbage cans, kitchen insinkerators and open-air garden composters. It will re-capture valuable lipids and proteins found in kitchen waste and manure, transforming them into usable live feed for domesticated animals, pets and wildlife. The Friable compost may be used directly in the garden or as the ultimate worm bin food, producing worm castings faster than normal.

This Family-friendly system provides children with an education in sustainability, the cycle of life, and organic gardening. What’s more actively feeding Grubs secrete a natural fly repellant called a synomone (an interspecies, chemical communication that alerts and warns other kinds of flies to stay away) so the BIOPOD™ is a fly repellant once the black soldier flies are established.

Beneficial Soldier Grubs are self-separating, auto-harvesting, robust, prolific, hardy, indigenous, harmless, easy-to-store, simple to transport, dry to the touch in pupal stage, a convenient bait, and extremely nutritious as a food source for fish, reptiles and other animals.

The designers of the BIOPOD understand the nature of Grubs inside and out. They studied Grubs for a long time and created several iterations of this machine before coming up with this incredibly efficient updated model, The BIOPOD™ Plus, Advanced Residential Grub De-Composting System.

The labeled photos on your left show all the components of this handy machine.

Fortunately, the folks who are into aquaponics, aquaculture, permaculture, composting along with those who raise reptiles have discovered what a boon Grubs are to the planet because they not only eat garbage and poo, they are a great source of protein for fish and other animals.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the folks who are making the BIOPOD™ Plus are really having to scramble to keep up with their orders. So get yours ordered now.

They have the design for an improved Commercial sized BIOPOD; have filled past orders but are putting people on a waiting list for its second debut in 2013. If you wish to be added to the Commercial PROTAPOD™ Waiting List, just email us at :

and we’ll make sure you get on the list.

Don’t miss this amazing YouTube Video showing just how efficient these little housekeepers are when it’s time to clean up the food waste.

To learn even more about the Residential BIOPOD™ just read the Manuals above.

They are full of “info junkie” information.

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