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If there was ever a time in the modern era to start growing food–it is NOW. The world-wide financial melt-down, complete with a downgrade of our triple AAA rating and our work force participation at a 36-year low, is destined to bring with it hyperinflation and food shortages.

Aquaponics is our answer. Aquaponics is a hybrid food growing technology combining the best of aqua-culture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing veggies without soil), and it’s completely organic because the fish waste is your natural fertilizer and that means no pesticides. Aquaponics USA is dedicated to sharing information, developing products and bringing awareness of this life sustaining technology to every American home and School because it’s time Americans become Food Independent.

Aquaponics USA Is Feeding America, One Family At A Time and Teaching America, One School At A Time–with our Food Forever™ Growing Systems! We have systems that range from 15 to 88 square feet of Grow Bed space and Fish Tanks from 100 to 320 gallons.

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Below is our economical Food Forever™ Family Starter Sysytem, the FFGS-20. It also makes a perfect School Aquaponics Lab that turns a classroom into what we call an “Edible Schoolroom”. It has a 120 gallon fish tank and two 11 square foot, Rapid Cycle Deep Media Grow Beds like the ones you see here, for a total of 22 square feet of growing space (this back view shows the plumbing). Go to our FFGS-20 page for more information and details about this great Starter System and it’s sister system, the FFGS-20 with a Module-20, which is twice as big.

Get your BIOPOD™ Plus right here so you can feed your fish lots of high quality protein!

These are the fish–one of the best species of fish to grow because they are hardy and resilient–Tilapia. They are also a delicious mild white fish. You grow them in the fish tank. Buy your fingerling Live Tilapia right here on our website!


Food Forever™

Our Modular System that can be expanded with multiples of this basic design.

The Food Forever™ Family/School-Starter Sysytem, FFGS-20, is the perfect and most economical way to get started with aquaponics. It’s easy to assemble and comes with proven syphons, deep delivery water rings, a submersible pump and lots of extras. You can raise up to 20 fish at 1.25 pounds (0.5 Kg) each in this tank, which is about 38 pounds of fish per year. And it’s easy to Up-Grade. Click on the picture to go to the Growing Systems page, where it’s featured, for more details.



Fish Tank

The above pictures are of a working Food Forever™ Family/School System, the FFGS-40. It’s working to make science come alive for these enthralled students in the Library of the Davis Bilingual Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Aecio D’Silva seen peering into the Fish Tank is a world renowned Aquaponics expert, CEO of Moura Enterprises and a worldwide reference in Integrated Sustainable, AquaBioPonics and AquafuelPonics Systems and Humanitarian programs. Right now he is being a Humanitarian and helping the Davis Elementary School Teaching Staff and students learn all about Aquaponics Growing Systems, which he calls “AquaBioPonics”.

The FFGS-40 is twice the size of the FFGS-20 with 44 square feet of growing space and a 320 gallon Fish Tank. There’s another way to get this much growing space but have it all shipped on a more economical 4 ft. pallet and that’s the FFGS-20 with a Module-20 added. It has four Grow Beds and two 120 gallon Fish Tanks.

FFGS-20 with a Module-20 offering 44 sq. ft. of Grow Bed space

Any farmer knows there’s a time to plant and a time to harvest. That time is dictated by the seasons. But we’re talking about feeding your family and teaching students year round regardless of the season. So unless you live in a season-less, tropical climate, you will need to place your food-growing system in a protected environment. These systems come close to complete for those lucky enough to live in the tropics. For the rest of us, we have add-ons you will need to create your own tropical paradise including Grow Lights. Perhaps you would want to build or purchase a Greenhouse so you can take advantage of the sunlight that nature provides for free. These requirements are discussed in more detail on the Water and Fish pages.

There is also a Food Food™ Family/School System, FFGS-40 with a Module-40 (not shown) that comes with two 320 gallon fish tanks that are 6 feet in diameter and eight 11 square foot Deep Media Grow Beds for a total growing capacity of 88 square feet. You can raise up to 320 pounds of fish per year with this system. It’s easy to assemble and comes with proven syphons, water-delivery rings, a submersible pump and lots of extras. To see all of our Growing Systems go to our Food Forever™ Overview page.

We have both a Greenhouse and an enclosed Growroom, which are the same size. We have enlarged our growing space in both of them by placing all of our fish tanks in an enclosed room we call our Fishroom. To learn more about our food growing environments, go to our Greenhouse, Growroom and Fishroom page. We are demonstrating aquaponic food growing technology in the two kinds of environments that our customers are using. Planting and harvesting are on-going activities in both of these locations; but we always make sure we plant something on July 4th. We feel that’s a perfect day to declare ourselves as people who are becoming Food Independent. We describe our fish and veggies by our Aquaganic™ Trademark. To be Aquaganic™ products must be GMO-Free and grown in an aquaponics system. To learn more about our Aquaganic™ Trademark go to our siter site Aquaponics World, LLC's Aquaganic Page.

Above is our U.S. Trademark, which is in the process of becoming international. We also have a parked website at that we’re building which describes what Certified Aquaganic Products are and why they are beyond Organic. Monsanto is trying to do a work-around to get GMO’s called Organic. That will never happen with Aquaganic™ products!

Welcome to the Aquaponics USA Greenhouse. Come on in for a visit by clicking over to our Tours on the About Page.

Below are pictures taken in our Aquaponics USA Greenhouse over several growing seasons. It’s amazing how many different veggies can be grown in our  Deep Media Grow Beds. Because we are in the California High Desert, we get a lot of sunshine that makes for a sustained growth throughout most of the year; but winter in our Greenhouse was more challenging than winter in our Growroom because we lose so much heat through the polycarbonate windows that bring in all that sunshine. We have installed reflective insulation on the north interior that reflects the sun back into the greenhouse in the winter with low sun angles and insulates during the summer.

Here’s a close-up of Cilantro. Salads are great with a dash of it; and it grows quickly in an aquaponics system.

Here’s a Grow Bed full of Lettuce and Basil. They are non-flowering plants and very easy to grow.

Beans grow like weeds in an aquaponics system; and because they are climbers, they take very little space. Make sure you plant them on the north side of the bed.

Here comes our first batch of melons; and they are so delicious you don’t want to stop eating them.

Here’s a Grow Bed with spinach and melons. The climbers are the melons. The two containers attached to the Grow Beds are Automatic Fish Feeders.

Squash has some of the largest leaves of any vegetable. We mixed squash with cucumbers in this Grow Bed, which we do not recommend. They both are flowering plants and were competing with one another.

You’re looking into the large squash plant you see at your left, and here they come. We now realize we went overboard on the squash. The tomatoes had to compete for sun.

We are always pumping out a lot of cucumbers. They grow right along with the melons and all hang on the same trellis.

Here are some Lima Beans. Again Lima Beans grow like crazy in these systems and require vertical space and trellis netting but leave the whole Grow Bed Free for much more.

Peppers grow profusely in our food growing systems. It’s unbelievable to see how many peppers can grow on one plant in one Grow Bed.

Melons galore have grown in our Greenhouse. This one is a miniature watermelon. It’s actually hanging on the trellis. Can you imagine a full size watermelon hanging on a trellis?

Another kind of melon. This one is called an American Melon. It looks a lot like cantaloupe but greener.

Here’s an intertwined mixture of Melons and Egg Plant. They are both climbers and were happy to climb up the same trellis.

Got  a hankering for delicious miniature red peppers that are really mild. We’ve got a lot of these little red guys. This pepper plant just won’t stop growing and producing; and it’s going from season to season.

You can grow any kind of lettuce you can think of in an aquaponics system. This is sweet, delicious Butter-head lettuce. There’s also some Red Leaf in this Grow Bed. One Grow Bed grows lots of lettuce.

This is a Grow Bed full of tomatoes. Tomatoes are a flowering plant so you have to have a mature system (we recommend one year old) before attempting to grow tomatoes as they take a lot of nitrates from your other plants.

These little fish are Tilapia fingerlings. The white tubes are their fish condos. They love hanging out inside them. Click on the link to purchase Live Tilapia Figerlings.

Here are the same tilapia eight months later. With proper nutrition, like our Premium Quality Tilapia Fish Food, tilapia grow like weeds. This entire aquaponics process has everything to do with the fish.

The fish grow, the vegetables grow, appear, disappear, new ones are planted. It’s the on-going adventure of being an Aquaponics USA farmer. Ultimately, it’s all about balance between the fish and the plants. Because this is a no soil, high water saturation system, your vegetables grow faster than they would grow in a regular soil garden. You can actually watch them grow from one day to the next. Lettuce has regularly demonstrated a growing time of 28 days. That’s less than a month. You can pick individual leaves and allow the plant to replenish itself or you can pull out the entire plant for eating. Aquaponics is a symbiotic system in which the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the fish water. For the price of fish food, you can provide your family with fresh organic protein and vegetables with minimal effort.

We Americans have long been known for our Independence. We’re a nation of independent self-starting, highly ingenious people who have been the leaders of the world for several decades now. It looks like we’re quickly losing our position as financial leaders, especially since Standard & Poor’s recent move to downgrade the US from its standing as a Triple AA rated Nation (since 1917) to a Double AA+. Our dollar may even lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. Economic forecasters are predicting even harder times ahead; but we can rise from the ashes of the financial fires that are burning through our bank accounts, retirement plans and portfolios. We can follow in the steps of the Aussies where most of the Aquaponic food growing is going on. We can become Independent of the big food growing corporations whose pesticides and GMO experiments are threatening our health and lives. And we can survive the food shortages that are destined to come our way when hyperinflation charges at us like a runaway train. This shift into a near-depression economy can be a blessing in disguise because it’s pushing us to do something that hasn’t been done by the average American family since the last depression–Grow our own safe organic food that is GMO free!

Are you ready to start learning how to do Aquaponics? If so, you are at the right place to get some of the most extensive, free and detailed information about how to run, maintain and even build (for you DIY’ers) an Aquaponics system that will work like a charm. These are our tutorial pages called Aquapoincs 101 by the Co-Founder of Aquaponics USA, Oliver Duffy, and they are the most sought after pieces of info on a popular Aquaponics Forum called “DIY Aquaponics” with over 20,000 views. This tutorial, complete with quizes, and and a completion certificate will be available on this web site.

You grow the fish and the plants and eat EVERYTHING!

These Are Our Children–

This is a call to every American to step up and embrace the change that’s coming. You still have time to set up your own Aquaponics USA Food Forever™ food growing system even if you only have a terrace to do it on. The time and money you spend setting it up will be so worth your effort as the price of food continues to go sky high. You will feel so good feeding your family healthy, “Aquaganic” food that you grow yourself. What a beautiful teaching to pass on to your children and grandchildren as Aquaponics in schools is revolutionary.

Aquaponics USA is so much more than a web-based business.



Aquaponics USA


Growing Systems

Feeding America, One Family at a Time!

Teaching America, One School at a Time!

Don’t be caught by surprise. Start preparing now; and start with what’s most important, FOOD!

The signs are clear. We can not depend on our Government to take care of us in times of crisis. The residents of the Gulf got that message when the BP oil gush decimated their ocean, shores and fisheries. Now, due to Hurricane Sandy, many of the residents of New Jersey and New York are learning what the victims of Katrina went through. We’re all getting it as we watch our entire financial system crumble before our eyes while our government leaders continue to argue over whether to cut or not to cut runaway and irresponsible spending. These reckless monetary policies are about to catapult us into hyper-inflation like clowns out of a canon.

Our Videos shot during Christmas break 2011, “Aquaponics USA Travels to Tucson, AZ”, demonstrate how we built, installed and tested three of our Food Forever™ Growing Systems in three elementary schools in Tucson, AZ. If you’re interested in seeing system installations, these are the videos to watch. “What’s New At Aquaponics USA” shot in October of 2011 gives you an updated tour of our Greenhouse, introduces you to our  Growroom and our new Food Forever™ Growing Systems. Our informative “Aquaponics USA Greenhouse Tour Video Series”  is also a must see. They are all on the About Page where you’ll see our Proof-of-Concept Working Models at work. These are educational overviews of how the Greenhouse, the Growroom and the proven Food Forever™ Growing Systems (FFGS) grow both “Aquaganic” vegetables and delicious food fish. ENJOY! In the Greenhouse Tour Video Series, you’ll see three smaller 120 gallon fish tanks supporting our five grow beds. Currently, our largest fish tank is a 320 gallon one, which supports up to four large (14 sq. ft.) Grow Beds, a total of 56 sq. ft. We call this new larger system the FFGS-50. The stands and water pumps shown in the 2009 Greenhouse Tour Video Series have been up-dated. Our new systems use high quality, durable, magnetic drive submersible pumps located in the fish tank.

In Closing it’s important to also address how our family farms have been taken over by Big Agricultural Giants known as Factory Farms. These Big Agra companies care more about their bottom line than the health of the animals they raise, the nutritional value of the crops they are producing and the health of the people that the animals and the crops are feeding. The Food Movement is quite literally a movement away from Industrialized Food and a Movement toward being more Food Independent or at least a Movement to get closer to the source of our food, which means going back to locally grown, family farm food. There are activist groups against Monsanto and GMO’s. There are several important DVD’s and YouTube Videos out on the Food Movement including Fresh, Food Inc., MEATRIX (watch below), The Future of Food, Food Matters, The World According To Monsanto, End Of The Line and more. Just Google these titles to purchase or watch these important and educational productions about food. There’s a now famous quote by Henry Kissinger that says, “If you control the food supply, you control the people”. It’s time to become FOOD INDEPENDENT! Even Uncle Same agrees (see “Buy, Buy American Pie” Video below).

It's a really GOOD READ!

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