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Aquaponics Seed Starter Kits


Super Sprouter™ Premium Propagation Kit (PPK) provides a complete system for starting your seeds or cuttings. The kit includes a Super Sprouter™ 7 inch Ultra Clear Vented Dome with built in light track channels, Super Sprouter™ 18 inch high output T5 grow light designed for the channeled dome, Super Sprouter™ Double Thick 10 x 20 inch tray with no holes, Super Sprouter™ heat mat, Art of Propagation booklet with expert advise for starting seedlings and cuttings and a packet of Clonex® Rooting Gel. All that's required is your growing media (below) and you are good to grow. Mat is ETL listed and the light is UL listed.

PPK  $74

The convenient Super Starter Propagation Kit takes the guesswork out of component matching. A 72-site, round-cell insert and heavy-duty flat provide ample space for seeds or cuttings. The 10-inch-by-20.75-inch Super Starter Heat Mat increases root zone temperatures, and the Super Starter Humidity Dome with adjustable vents helps regulate humidity levels. The kit also includes a quarter-ounce of Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel to promote healthy root development in cuttings.

SSPK $39

A-OK Starter Plugs™ for starting seeds and rooting of cuttings. A-OK Starter Plugs™ have 98 x 1½ inch plugs per flat and come labeled with instructions in a shrink-wrapped sheet that fits a standard 10" x 20" tray (flat). Available in a box of 4 or 10 sheets.

A-OK-4 $42

A-OK-10 $89

Super Sprouter™ 4 Tray Seedling Heat Mat (SHM) is designed for 4 standard 10 x 20 inch propagation trays placed side by side. The heavy duty construction makes this mat very durable and allows even warming throughout the trays. The Super Sprouter™ 4 Tray Seedling Heat Mat warms the rooting area approximately 10 °F - 20 °F over ambient temperatures to improve the germination process. In doing this, it helps the gardener have a better success rate with seedlings and cuttings. More consistent heating with fewer hot spots than other seedling heat mats on the market. Ed Hume seal of approval. 110 Watts. 5 ft 120 Volt power cord. Dimensions: 21 x 48 inch.

HGK $79

Analog Heat Mat Thermostat (AHMT) ia a reliable, excellent quality thermostat for any heat mat. Plug the heat mat into the thermostat and place the temperature probe where desired, then "dial in" your ideal germination or rooting temperature. Safety shutoff if probe reaches 110˚F. Maximum current rating is 2.5 amps/300 watts. One year warranty.

AHMT $35

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat (DHMT) is has accurate temperature control for optimum rooting or seed germination. Simply plug the heat mat into the thermostat and place the temperature probe where desired. Easy to set from 68˚F to 108˚F and settings are easily viewed via a large backlit display. Maximum current rating is 8.3 amps/1000 watts. One year warranty, ETL listed.

DHMT $39