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You can purchase Aquaponics Systems on Amazon that are so small they get shipped by UPS in a box and will grow a head of lettuce. That's not our idea of an adequate STEM & Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing System.

Our STEM & Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing Systems get shipped in 18-Wheelers that travel the Interstate Highways of  America helping to keep interstate commerce alive and well. Before they're placed into those 18-Wheelers, they are wrapped up and carefully secured to pallets insuring their safe arrival at your location.


This is why you need the Assembly and Start Up Manuals we provide, which tell you how to turn the palletized Systems in the images here into working STEM and Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing Systems. No worries. It's easy.

This EZ-22 STEM & Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing System is half the size of the FGS-44R utilizing two of the same Grow Beds and a Fish Tank that is also about half as big as the 320 gallon Tank below required for the FGS-44R. Looking at the two Systems in relation to one another like this demonstrates this size difference, but even though the EZ-22 is smaller than the FGS-44R, it's still so big it requires an 18-Wheeler to get it delivered. The STEM & Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing System you choose depends on two factors: your Budget and your Space.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Our aim in creating this page is to show you what's involved with Shipping, including just getting your STEM & Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing System into that 18-Wheeler. But let's start at the beginning. The first thing we need to do is get a Shipping Quote for your purchase. That's why on all of our Growing System Pages, we have the big, bright Yellow Notice below and why on our Where To Get A Grant & What's The Process Page, STEP 2 tells you this:

Shipping is not included and is by truck. Your system arrives on a pallet. Cost depends on the distance from our System Build facility in Arizona and will be from $500 and up. If needed, contact us for a shipping quote.  

We must get shipping quote approval prior to us starting your System build.

STEP 2: Email us at and tell us you want a Shipping QUOTE. You will need to give us the exact System you've chosen, your full Name, your Contact Phone Number (so the Shipping Company can make a delivery appointment) and the full Shipping Address. We will send you a QUOTE including the cost of your Aquaponics STEM & Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing System and the Shipping.

Now we're going to show you the step by step process of getting your System into that 18-Wheeler. We use several different Freight companies and are always looking for the best price by a reliable company, so the Estes Truck you see below is only one of many we deal with.

The handy Pallet Jack being used by the Truck Driver who is helping our System Designer, Keil, move the FGS-44R out of the Warehouse is quite useful for us at this stage. Once the System is close to the Truck, the Driver has to manuever the Pallet Jack so he can use it to get the pallet up on the Lift Gate. The FGS-44R and FGS-65 are the two most challenging Systems to get into the trucks due to their size and weight.

Now it's time to Sign the Paperwork, close up the Truck and get your System on the road, which has also proven to be challenging sometimes during the winter up here in the White Mountains of Arizona at 6,000 ft. with a lot of rain, mud and some snow. Trucks have been known to get stuck and needed Keil and Oliver to help them dig out.

Such is our Shipping story, which we wanted to share so you can see what your System looks like when you receive it and what's involved getting it to you. Thank you for visiting our Shipping Page. If you've recently ordered one of our STEM and Family PLUG & GROW™ Food Growing Systems, you can trust it will soon be traveling the U.S. Interstate Highways on its way to your location.

After Assembly, you just

       PLUG & GROW™

After Assembly, you just

     PLUG & GROW™