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Automatic Fish Feeders with Timers


If you work outside of your home, have a very busy schedule or an empty classroom on weekends and holidays, you can still feed your fish a pre-set amount of food up to three times a day. The feeder also allows for slow feeding throughout the day.

This Automatic Fish Feeder is battery powered. We add four high quality C cells, which should last for about 6 months. A low battery warning will alert you when fresh batteries are needed. We set the time for your time zone and set up three feedings per day with ZERO feeding amounts set before shipping it to you. All you have to do is set the amount of food for each feeding. This feeder accommodates a wide range of pellet sizes.

This fish feeder has mounting holes so you can attach it and keep it in place. The Automatic Fish Feeders we include in our Accessory Package comes with a special Mount that fits on the Fish Tank.

Fish Mate P7000

with Batteries Included


Here’s another handy little Automatic Fish/Pet Feeder except it’s a miniature of the feeder featured above.

You can use it to feed amphibians and aquarium fish that are kept in glass cages. It also has an internal digital timer for precise feedings up to eight times every day. The food storage container is detachable for easy cleaning; and it comes with special brackets to attach it to your aquarium. This feeder works on 4 C-size batteries (not included); and it holds 12 ounces of food.

Now you can leave the ones who live in glass houses home alone without worrying about them. Go ahead, take that vacation without worrying about having to have fish and amphibian sitters. 

Aquaponics Aquarium Feeder


Aquaponics Aquarium Feeder Mounted

AFF-A (Aquarium Feeder)

        (Aquarium not included)



Holds up to 30 Cups of Fish Food.

Sometimes feeding the Fish is fun especially when someone who has never seen Tilapia before is visiting. But fish feeding is a daily chore that must take place at least two times a day. So having an Auotomatic Fish Feeder is a great INCLUDED ACCESSORY.

All of our PLUG & GROW™ Systems include the Automatic Fish Feeder.  Teachers really don't want to have to go back to their Classrooms during

their weekends to feed the Fish, and sometimes Schools are closed for even longer during Holidays.  And Family Members have so many other things to do besides feed fish.

We recommend that you place about 1 week worth of food in the Automatic Feeder and Resupply it every week. Do not fill up the Feeder as the Fish Food should be fresh for the Fish.

Introducing the FISH MATE P7000, Your Automatic Fish Feeder

Your Fish practically raise themselves when you have an Automatic Fish Feeder. When a customer asked the Founders of Aquaponics USA who took care of the Fish when they were at a Preppers Show, they simultaneously said, "No one takes care of the Fish".