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Automatic Fish Feeders with Timers





Even if you work outside of your home or have a very busy schedule, you can still feed your fish a pre-set amount of food up to eight times a day with the Automatic Fish Feeder. There are three sizes available that can hold up to 5, 10, or 20 pounds of fish food.

These Automatic Fish/Pet Feeders come complete with a low voltage 120 to 24 VAC power supply, a lengthy cord and a state-of-the-art digital timer capable of one second feeding increments.  The units also accommodate a wide range of food sizes from dry powder to pellets.

Add the Feeder Stand that we give you FREE to hook it on our Fish Tanks and you have a complete feeding unit for your Food Forever™ Growing System.

This state-of-the-art digital Timer is included with your automatic fish/pet feeder and will feed your fish up to 8 times a day dispensing food in multiple one-second increments.

These fish feeders also come with this perfectly fitted waterproof camouflage jacket and hat which makes them almost invisible when placed outdoors.

Take note of the extra long multi-wound cord on the table top.

The 10 lb. (AFF-M) and 20 lb. (AFF-L) units com with internal food stirrers to keep the food fresh.

A Fish Feeder Stand is supplied free when an Automatic Fish Feeder is ordered with your Food Forever™ Growing System. It hooks on the side of your Fish Tank to perfectly position your Fish Feeder where you want it. It is not sold seperately.

All Fish Feeder Prices Include Shipping

Note: $68 will be added and invoiced for shipment to Hawaii

5 lb. AFF-S  $237

10 lb. AFF-M  $249

20 lb. AFF-L  $266

Here’s another handy little Automatic Fish/Pet Feeder except it’s a miniature of the feeders featured above. It’s the AFF-Mini and it’s perfect for our new compact, complete Indoor Plug In & Grow, FFGS-C5 system with its 30 gallon fish tank.

You can use it to feed amphibians and aquarium fish that are kept in glass cages. It also has an internal digital timer for precise feedings up to eight times every day. The food storage container is detachable for easy cleaning; and it comes with special brackets to attach it to your aquarium. This feeder works on 4 C-size batteries; and it holds 12 ounces of food.

Now you can leave the ones who live in glass houses home along without worrying about them. Go ahead, take that vacation without worrying about having to have fish and amphibian sitters. 



AFF-A ("A" stands for Aquarium)

AFF-A  $140

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