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Aquaponics 101 Conclusion


Aquaponics 101


"Congratulations! You did it!

You've completed Aquaponics 101; and you're ready to buy or build your own AP System, which will become your own food fish, fruit and veggie lab.

But before firing up your own system, Download (below) your


You earned it. Put it in a frame and show it off."


Congratulations on Completing your Aquaponics 101 Course. Oliver is so pleased you've joined him in one of the most exciting things happening in Agriculture today--Aquaponics.

Don't forget you can now Download this Course (without the Quizzes and Answers to the Quizzes) by Clicking on Oliver's E-Book below.

This information is all you need to get started building or running one of our Deep Media Flood & Drain Loop Siphon STEM Teaching & Food Growing Systems we're selling on this website, and now you know what all that means.

Aquaponics 101 Conclusion

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Get This Course in Oliver's  Aquaponics 101 E-BOOK

TEACHERS, HERE IT IS! Our popular and very informative Aquaponics 101 E-Book by Oliver Duffy in a Clickable pdf Format so you can download and Print it yourself. Up until now, it has only been available on our website under the Education Pull Down Menu. But Teachers have requested that we make it more accessible for Classroom use.

It comes with accompanying Quizzes and a Completion Certificate and is a duplicate of what's on our site complete with Grace's original Cartoon Character representing Oliver, the Aerospace Engineer, an Aquaponics Expert.

Read through this Book that was written so beginners can avoid common errors in building and running Aquaponics Systems, and you and your students willl be off to a good start at becoming  Aquaponics Gardners.

This Book is our Gift to Teachers who are performing one of the most important jobs on the Planet--Teaching our children who represent the future of our World.